How to quickly tell if an avocado is ripe in the store.

Find the stem at the small end of the avocado and remove it with your fingertip.  If you are unable to remove the stem then the fruit is not ripe.  With the stem removed, look at the color of the flesh that is now exposed.  If the color is light yellow or brown, then it is under ripe.  If the flesh is dark brown or blackish then it is over ripe.  This is the fun part, every color in between is along a different stage of ripeness and good to eat, but it is up to you to find which level of ripeness you enjoy best.

Fun things to do with Avocados:

  • Mix into egg salad and use less mayo (healthier option)
  • Make guacamole
  • Blend into salad dressing and use less oil (healthier option)
  • Grill slices and put on burgers
  • Replace 1/2 butter in baked goods (healthier option)
  • Blend into Alfredo sauce and reduce butter (healthier option)
  • Bread it and deep fry (French Fry substitute)